1. Joined a mortgage startup
  2. Living in New York for almost 3 years
  3. Working on a side project Marcus Sherman.

What I’m Reading Now

On Grand Strategy by John Lewis Gaddis

Current Favorite Quote Right Now

“Dogs that catch cars never know what to do with them…common sense is indeed like oxygen: the higher you go, the thinner it gets.” — John Lewis Gaddis

Past Nows

1H 2018 – deep dive into strategy ending with the best books on strategy. From there worked towards “Real world MBA” as Tim Ferris put it. That means reading a ton and starting a lifestyle business. While the lifestyle business didn’t move as far forward, the Alternative MBA did. From management to Decision MakingStartupsExecutionCareer SuccessFinanceDealing with PeopleCommunicatingEthicsBiographies, and Marketing these books help substitute an MBA.