Paid Marketing: What They Don’t Tell You About the Addiction to Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing can be very effective. Starting on Day One of opening an account with either of the platforms can unlock a flood of traffic and attention. It can also be cheap hits creating an addition to fast, unsustainable growth. One issue remains. It’s too easy to go overboard. It’s too easy to get addicted […]

Positioning: Defining Your Brand Space to Win Marketshare

It started from an executive talk. An AdAge editor heard the talk. The editor turned the talk turned into a series of articles. Positioning from Al Ries and Jack Trout was born. It’s the strategy of creating a ‘position’ (space) in the consumer’s mind. Language, as it’s been said, is the currency of the mind. Success […]

Strategy Rules: Five Timeless Lessons

Gates, Grove, and Jobs operated in a new competitive environment. At the peak of their leadership, the combined market cap of Microsoft, Intel, and Apple was $1.5 trillion. They were the first to identify and successfully compete from building platforms instead of focusing on individual products. Platforms take advantage of network effects, which in turn, create stronger and stronger […]

Strategy Maxims: 8 Lessons on Strategy from Sir Basil H. Liddell-Hart

Strategy is the art of distributing and applying means to fulfill a goal. It’s not movement. It’s how effective that movement is. The perfect strategy remains accomplishing the goal without any serious loss. Executing the perfect strategy happens using the indirect approach along the lines of both least expectation and least resistance. Flexibility allows you to […]

10 Rules for Disruptor Brands: Marketing Strategies for Challenger Brands

The attacking force is nearly always at a disadvantage in most cases. As disruptor brands continue to challenge market leaders, this list of rules combines marketing and strategy to give brands of all types of insight into choosing the plan with the largest impact for growth. 1. Least Expectation. Least Resistance. This rule applies to […]

Billion Dollar Lessons: What You Can Learn from the Most Inexcusable Business Failures of the Last 25 Years

This is the flipside to Good to Great. Instead of looking at successful companies, Billion Dollar Lessons looks into 750 failures to study the lessons from strategic failure and misguided tactics. Those strategic failures start to add up, between 1981 and 2006, 423 major publicly held U.S. companies with combined assets totaling $1.5 trillion filed for […]

Lateral Thinking Strategies: Faster, Better, Higher

Lateral thinking describes the process of using creative ideas instead of incremental logic. Lateral Thinking is used to significantly accelerate learning and success. It was a term first used by Edward de Bono who started writing about Lateral Thinking in 1981 as he wrote in Six Thinking Hats: “We may have a perfectly adequate way of […]

Top 10 Strategist of All Time

What makes a great strategist? After looking throughout history, this post looks at 10 strategists to rank them based on the results, approach, and tactics used to support the grand strategy. Above all these strategists resist the direct approach to accomplish multiple aims. Grading the Top 10 Strategist Results. Far more important than any other […]

Hannibal: The Birth of Strategy

Famous maneuver: double envelopment that compressed and crushed roman infantry He kept his enemies guessing due to his relative speed and unconventionality His superb use of intelligence gathering and espionage helped him secure victory “The courage of those who despair of safety will carry everything before it” — Hannibal “Hannibal slept humbly on the hard […]

2005 Called: They Want Their Content Marketing Strategy Back

2005-2009 it was good enough to post and get traction. Then, 2010 “experts” started saying you need to post at least once a day to get traction. 2011-2015 the idea of posting really long articles. “Content is king” was thrown around as the viable strategy to get noticed, get traction, and get results. Those were […]